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earpieceIn this era of fashion and vitality, Music phone Entertainment because of its differentiated positioning, has become the focus of mobile phones hot. And with an excellent sound quality, beautiful appearance Headphone Will significantly enhance the effect of music really reflects the charm of music anywhere, anytime. Golden Week, a time when purchase

boom, Sony headset products will work together Sony Ericsson Music phone a commitment to delivering “Music Life ? New idea “of promotion action. Where the holder or the new Sony Ericsson music phone purchase will enjoy the surprise price of Sony headphones Bazhe. The promotion of outdoor activities including Sony’s latest series of headphones, noise reduction headphones series ear hook headset series, Ear Headphones series and so on. then, users are free to choose your favorite headphones products, I believe there is a part of your total.

Activities will be launched during the 51, the SonyStyle Web site of China website as well as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and direct sales stores in four cities Sony VAIO stores launched. The event also from the appearance, function, price and so on, for the Sony Ericsson mobile phones were a perfect match with the Sony headset:

First up is just listed with a combination of the near ultra-thin music phone Sony Ericsson W888c and Sony high-end noise canceling headphones MD R-NC22, NC22 is a combination of high-definition sound quality and excellent noise performance of the headphones, and external noise by sending the opposite way active acoustic noise reduction, the W888c for users Business Journey to bring pure music experience. Sony Ericsson W610c mobile phone with

Ear Headphones New Sony MDR-EX85LP position coincide is called “cost-effective model.” As a high-end model EX series, MDR-EX85LP who have not the quality of excellence, and its price is higher than the flagship Ear Headphones EX90LP more user-friendly, is the quality and price have both an excellent choice. Red and black with the shape of the flame with Sony Ericsson W610c IR View echoes can be described as “born a pair.”

Sony Ericsson W200c music phone called the civilian population of mobile elements, recommended with superior sound quality with the new ear hook headphones MDR-Q68LW, which uses Automatic cord design, can be freely retractable ear line, so out of bound line troubles, particularly pay attention to the pace of life for the young family to wear the city.

Addition to the three recommended combinations, there were four partner types are the list of promotional activities, namely the combination of professional-quality “music and its partner King W958c mobile phone headset listener-class MDR-D777SL”; outdoor pet combination ” slider phone W830c and aural headphones MDR-D333LW “; cool mate,” Black Music Box W810c and the ear hook headphones MDR-Q38LW “portfolio; and beat color combinations,” Titanium phone W700c style headphones with a partner Xuanliang Tremella Q21LP “.

Worthy of note that the above program is to provide users with reference to the proposed time, Consumption Who can choose their own preferences for the desired cell phone headset products.

The event will also be placed in the six VAIO store shelf product experience, consumers can be the first to feel the “size of the S combination (SonyEricsson & SonyMDR)” to bring the perfect music experience.

Note: The promotional campaign, covering a total of 7 Sony Ericsson mobile phones and 13 Sony headphones, the list of specific models are as follows:

Business partner portfolio: W888c + NCSeries (MDR-NC22/MDR-NC60/MDR-NC32NX)
Perfect sound combination: W610c + EXSeries (MDR-EX90LP/MDR-EX85LP/MDR-EX52SL/MDR-EX32LP)
Family Fashion Portfolio: W200c + MDR-Q68LW

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