Ear We Go! Ps3 headsets for complete control

headset. earphonesAgain a new article i thought was fascinating on the topic of headset’s, what would you do if i didn’t post this ehh? you would have to check out the original article, and the chances you found it could be slim, so think yourself lucky that i have shared this wonderful short article with you.

Letís have a show of hands: Who doesnít love the PS3?

Hm. Only that one fat kid at the back declined (and he appears to be licking pepperoni from his own armpit). So, basically, we all love PS3.

PS3 offers great graphics, immersive gameplay and a range of enthralling, cinematic adventures that are often so real its often scary. So what can you do to improve this (already pretty great) experience?

Get a headset, of course!

With a headset, not only can you channel the sound through your speaker (meaning that you donít have to disturb everyone else around you AND you can keep playing Ďafter hoursí) you can also communicate verbally with other players spread across this big blue marble we call planet Earth. Headsets have become pretty standard equipment for serious gamers, however, there are a lot of headsets and they arenít all good.

Some headsets offer really poor sound quality, with quiet reproduction with harder scratches than youíd expect from a polar bearís arse, some simply drop out, making other gamers mistakenly believe that you have abruptly died. There are possibly as many crappy headsets out there as good ones, so we cobbled together this modest little site, in order to guide you along the right path.

We test the headsets rigorously by playing games constantly (its a tough job…) and we keep up to date on all the latest news, releases and Ďsciencey stuffí so you donít have to. Furthermore, we arenít some great big corporate mega-site, weíre real people, just like you, which means that we donít have any obligation towards anybody but you.

We aim to offer you the best value for money, the best products and the strongest, clearest idea of what you should be looking for when seeking a PS3 headset. Yeah, we know, with drive and ambition like that we could have split atoms and cured diseases, but no, weíre more interested in playing PS3 and bitching about crap headsets. Itís just easier.

So there you go, thatís our mission statement.

Weíre nuts about the PS3 and, since youíre on this site we figure you are too. We want to make sure your PS3 experience is as good as it can possibly be. Sound and communication are a vital part of that experience. Headsets are massively important bits of kit for any gamer, so it really pays to know what youíre looking for.


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